Categories of membership

Ordinary membership

Music Centres (as defined in Article 5 of our bylaws) which are:

  • Open to the public and operating on a non-profit basis;
  • Well informed about the music and musical life of their country or region;
  • Promoting/Export local music at home and abroad;
  • Holding collections (physical or digital) of music scores, recordings, reference materials etc, or providing information on how to access such materials;
  • Have been a legal entity for at least two years at time of application.

Associate membership

Open to other organisations (as defined in Article 6 of our bylaws) which:

  • Support the principles and activities of IAMIC;
  • Are not defined as a Music Centre according to the criteria above.

Honorary membership

Honorary members are individuals elected by the general assembly at the proposal of the board in recognition of their long-standing and exemplary support for the association.


Other networks or umbrella organisations

For further information on joining IAMIC, please contact us.