IAMIC’s Office Exchange Programme

IAMIC’s Office Exchange Programme, funded by the EU, gives the opportunity to staff members within the IAMIC members organizations to experience other working realities and environments, from the first hand, through practical learning experience. It is a exquisite opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge and build up sustainable partnerships through participative observation.

This gives IAMIC the opportunity to involve staff members and to make them familiar with the expertise of other centre’s services. As well as being a rewarding experience for the employees themselves and the different centers involved, the exchange also advances the workings of IAMIC by encouraging the internal communication and the involvement of staff in IAMIC activities.

The programme began in 2008 and since then has been running each autumn. In evaluating the office exchange programme, IAMIC has found it to be very valuable and successful for both the participants and the centers involved. As a result, it has decided to continue the programme over the coming years.


The aim of the programme is to promote the importance of exchange, learning and cooperation among IAMIC member organizations and to involve them in common activities on national, and international levels.

Example of a proplular project launched by the Norwegian Music Centre that serves as a good practice for other MICS, discovered during the Exchange Programme:"Life at the Office"

Ragnhild Hemsing and Hallgrim Hansegård - Live At The Office from MICnorway on Vimeo.


• Exchange of experience

• Adopt new skills, knowledge and expertise on documentation and promotion of music

• Reflect on one’s own work, methods, projects etc. and compare with the work of the host centre

• Promote the mobility of staff members

• Bring an international dimension in activities at the national/regional level

• Get a good insight into the impact of international developments and IAMIC activities

• Support member organizations in implementing new experiences in their daily work

• Improve the collaboration and build up sustainable partnerships between member organizations and IAMIC

• Promote and develop some new common projects in the field of music, art and culture