• European Music Monitor

    To have a better vision on music life and the creative industries in Europe, IAMIC initiated the European Music Monitor project. The Music Monitor will be an instrument to standardise data gathering among MICs in a sustainable way, taking into account the differences between the countries. It will provide annual statistics monitoring musical life, for use in research and planning by governmental authorities, cultural operators, funding bodies and IAMIC.

  • IAMIC Office Exchange Programme

    IAMIC’s Office Exchange Programme, funded by the EU, gives the opportunity to staff members within the IAMIC members organizations to experience other working realities and environments, from the first hand, through practical learning experience. It is a exquisite opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge and build up sustainable partnerships through participative observation. Read more


    MINSTREL project (MusIc Network Supporting Trans-national exchange and dissemination of music Resources at European Level) was a 3 year project co-financed by the European Union under the Culture 2007-2013 programme, with the participation of 11 IAMIC members from 11 European countries. MINSTREL is adapted to the needs of Music Information Centers having as aim to promote worldwide local music, music information and music professionals as well as to support music exchanges between the partners, transnational events and the transnational mobility of musicians.

  • ISCM / IAMIC Young Composer Award 2011

    The ISCM/IAMIC Young Composer Award, initiated in 2002, is awarded annually to a composer under 35 years of age whose work is performed during the festival. The award includes a commission for a new work which will be played during next year's ISCM World New Music Days. Read more

    ISCM/IAMIC YOUNG Composer Award 2012

    The winner of the ISCM/IAMIC Composer Award 2012 is the American Composer Eric Nathan for his work "Walls of Light". Nathan, who could not be present at the festival, will be commissioned a new piece that will be performed during the ISCM World New Music Days 2013 in Vienna, Bratislava & Kosice.

    ISCM/IAMIC YOUNG Composer Award 2011

    The winner of the ISCMIAMIC Young Composer Award 2011 is Chiu-Yu Chou from Taiwan. She won with her String Quartet nr. 1., performed by the ‘Song String Quartet’ on the 13th of April. The judges commented:"This work evokes different moods, and shows a strong mastery of string playing techniques".


  • SoundSea - Music of the Mediterranean

    In a collaboration between IAMIC, the Association for the Promotion of the Music of the Mediterranean (MoM) and Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, a survey is being carried out to investigate the online presence of artists. Read more

  • Capacity Building Workshop