To be admitted to IAMIC as Ordinary Member, your organisation must be a recognised Music Centre or Organisation which is:

  1. Open to the public and operates on a non-profit basis; 
  2. Well informed about the music and musical life of their country or region; 
  3. Active in promoting/exporting local music at home and abroad; 
  4. Holding collections (physical or digital) of music scores, recordings, reference materials etc, or providing information on how to access such materials;
  5. Established as legal entity for at least two years at the time of application
  6. Supporting the principles and activities of IAMIC as they are described to the bylaws.

 (As Associated Member you need to fulfill only the point 6)


In order to apply for IAMIC membership, please download:

  1. The IAMIC application form and
  2. The Declaration of Honour.

Fill them and send electronically to IAMIC Board (

New members are approved by the board and elected by the General Assembly.

Actual annual membership fees are:635€.